Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Wish List

Several people ask us each year for ideas for Christmas, and I am so bad about giving out lists. Because of that I am posting one list here. These are merely suggestions and ideas, and I hope to keep it updated as I think of things. I am also including some links that may give you a better idea of what the items are. I'll let you all duke it out to get different things!

Little Touch Leap Pad books - He has The Little Engine that Could and A Bear in the Bedroom
*Guess How Much I Love You is taken, too

long-sleeve shirts (24 mo. - 2T)

slippers - He has had his eyes on some Thomas the Tank Engine ones at WM and some doggie ones (He's not picky) - These are taken!

a bean bag chair - Tonya has claimed this one.

wooden blocks - Target blocks or Castle Block Set *wooden blocks are taken

a chalk or marker board easel


cars or trains (anything with trains, really) - just some ideas:
Road Building Set
Wooden Vehicle Set
He is getting a Thomas the Tank Engine train set with the wooden tracks.

pajamas (2T?)

learning toys

winter coat *this is taken

Lifeway gift card

Dress shirts (17 1/2 neck)

DISCLAIMER: These next few items are the only things he would give me for his list.

cash to get contacts

cash for dry cleaning

cash for commentaries

fishing supplies

Playstation 2

nightgown - This is for Rhonda. This is the one I picked, and I think periwinkle or seafoam would be pretty.

candle warmer - I think this one is taken care of.

Bath & Body Works candle (any of the vanilla kinds)

Timex Watch (Our WM has this one with a brown band and gold face for about $28 that I really like. The thin band is what I really like.)

Home Comforts - allbookstores.com

Valley of Vision - allbookstores.com

Felted Knits - allbookstores.com

Scrapbook tote - MiMi tote (I saw that our Michael's just got these in for $49.99)
* This is taken

Justin thinks I should have made my list more like his so I will add this:

cash to save for a new camera

cash for accessories to go with a new camera

toaster oven (any non-flame-throwing model will do)

queen sheet set (white or off-white) - this is taken

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  1. Anonymous12:58 AM

    You also know that the MiMi Tote is taken... Tonya :)


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