Monday, December 12, 2005

Just so you know...

...while I was typing that last post he was in the kitchen, sitting on the table, picking every single red berry off of my Christmas candle holder, and shaking out all of the salt and pepper onto the table. No photo, but he's safe in bed this time.

For those of you who still insist Santa is real. Why don't you give him a call to make sure he's checkin' in over here this week!


  1. Yes Santa is real and he will still come no matter how bad he is...he always came to his mama when she was little and she wasn't always an angel. Love nana

  2. Anonymous12:08 PM

    Hey you're right that kid is a little devil. "No Ta" was the words of the weekend last weekend. Not only that but I think I still have a bruise on my knee from someones wonderful train collection. But hey... I love him anyway... He's just so cute you can't help it.
    Love Tonya


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