Wednesday, February 22, 2006

More photos and a confession

I thought I'd share some more Aquarium photos. You can see in the first one how tired Jonathan was near the end. He didn't sleep a lot the night before (for him anyway), and he needed a nap. The second photo is just one I liked where he was looking into one of the tanks through a round window.

Now for my confession. Are you ready? I'm a magazing junkie. I don't often get magazines, and all of the subscriptions I had ran out a few months ago. Every time I go to the store there they all are staring at me. I pick out new ones I like all the time. I can't usually bring myself to pay the stand price because it's so much cheaper for a subscription. If I had enough money to get all the subscriptions I think about, I would be overrun with magazines. They can be so inspiring though. They make me want to "do" stuff.

My list includes all sorts of magazines like... Paper, Cloth, Scissors; Domino, Cottage Living, Interweave Knits, anything Martha Stewart, HOW, BHG Scrapbooks, Etc. (or any scrap mag for that matter), World, Country Living, Cooking Light, and on and on. You can see that it's a diverse list. There are others I just can't think of. OK. I admitted it. Isn't that the first step? Hopefully, you at least got a laugh.

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