Wednesday, April 05, 2006

I really have to remember... pack something for Jonathan to eat for dinner on fellowship group nights. This week he had a cookie, two kinds of chips, a tiny bit of chicken, birthday cake, and Pepsi. That's some dinner. The second photo is him with his outside scrunchy face. He always seems to have that face in the photos I think are going to turn out good. He was at church helping Justin change the letters on the sign. He likes to "help" with that. Then he decided to just run around the parking lot. He started to cut straight through, but the the mama bird started squawking at him!

Soooo... I have a birthday coming up, and Justin gave me a photography class. It was only $20 at the community college, but I think it's going to be fun. The guy teaching has a local photography business, and he seems to want to address whatever questions we have. It's starting to make me wish I had one of these so that I could learn fully manual in film. I think that would help me to learn (less cheating) more and be better in digital in the end.

Speaking of my digital, do you see the difference in the two photos I posted? Well the first one is darker and not as pretty. I even bumped the exposure up 2 notches before I posted it, and it's still dark. I have learned that to get great low light performance without a flash you need a fast lens. That just means you need a lens with a lower fstop ability so that your shutter speed can be faster. Otherwise you get blurry photos or dark figures. I'm hoping that after my birthday I will be able to get this lens. It is only one focal length, but with Tonya's wedding coming up, and since she decided to have it later in the evening, it would be very helpful. I just don't really like flash photography, and I want to be able to take some great shots indoors.

Well, I'm sure I'm thrilling you all with the photography terminology, but I better get going.

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  1. I have been admiring all the pictures on your blog! They are fantastic. Our house is sooo dark that so many of our photos of her in those really early days and weeks are dark too. We move soon & bring on natural light!
    Anyway, just wanted to say that I think the photos you have taken are amazing.

    Also, I am so sorry for your loss of David. I wish words could heal or that there was something I could say. I am at a loss but wanted to acknowledge everything you have been through. How special will those photos be for you. What a wonderful ministry that organisation is.


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