Monday, May 01, 2006

So we went to Nana and Papa's house...

...while Justin was in Louisville, and now I know why Jonathan was acting the way he was last week. He is SPOILED! I think he needs to be cut off from Nana for a while.

Tonya and I worked on finalizing some of the stuff for her invitations so we can get them done soon, and we looked at all sorts of scrabook stuff!! That was fun. We also took Jonathan to play at the really cool park in Elon that he loves. I had lots of fun chasing him around with the camera, so everyone could see. I took way too many photos of him on Friday, and then I took photos of Tonya and Brandon on the campus Saturday. Some of them actually turned out decent, and I was even shooting in Manual the whole time. YAY!! Maybe there is hope for me after all.

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  1. He is no more spoiled than his mama was at that age. Spoiling them don't hurt them anyway. Before you turn around good he will be grown to the stage where he won't take to spoiling anymore. Just Love Him and Enjoy Him while he is little. Our babies don't stay little long enough. Love you. Mama "Nana"


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