Thursday, June 08, 2006


with Photoshop. If you go over to P & P, you might say, "Didn't I just read this post?" Well...yeah. No, I shared a new creation over there, but I wanted to share some photo work here. I had this photo from the parade here last month that I really liked--only there was this lady in the background. The depth of field was great in this shot, but she was still bugging me.

Anyway, with a little asking around and experimenting I cloned her out. It still doesn't look quite right to me, but it's probably because I know she was there. I played with curves on this one a little for the colors. I think it's fun. I really need to set up a time to get some more photos of the two of them together--outside because our house is like a dungeon as far as light goes.

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