Sunday, June 25, 2006

The Wedding

is OVER! And hopefully the craziness of our schedules is as well. We left church about 10:00 Thursday night to head to my parents' house, so we got there a little after 12:00. Then we had all sorts of stuff to get done before the wedding, and the rehearsal dinner was Friday night. It took a while because we had to wait for people who were caught driving in a huge downpour.

Yester we slept in a little bit, then my sister and I went for pedicures and manicures. Now I didn't ever get a manicure for my own wedding, so this is all new to me. It was fun, though. Oh, did I mention that I got my hair cut again on Friday. No one should have to walk down the aisle with the chop-job I had. So my friend Casey helped me out.

Anyway, we gotta get ready for church. Here are a couple of the inside scoop pics that I got. You may not see these in an album, but they tell the real story.

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