Monday, July 10, 2006


is what you're probably missing if you just get to talk to Jonathan on the phone. If you're lucky, he will actually talk to you and not just sit there in silence.

He's still a bit confused about our upcoming road trip. He knows who Grandma and Grandpa are, and he can pick them out in photos, but every time we ask him where we are going he says we are going to Maw maw's house to see the goat. It's like he's forgotten we can actually go to Grandma's house. I guess he was only 1 1/2 the last time we went, but he's been there since then. Anyway, he's excited no matter whose house we are going to because he knows he'll be spoiled rotten. He doesn't know it can be any other way!

I'm sure he will love having his birthday present along for the ride (we might not mind it too much either), but I hope he doesn't get too attached to it because we're hiding it once we get back home!! We may not be looking forward to the drive (or the weather), but we are looking forward to Grandma's house.

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