Saturday, August 12, 2006

So maybe some of you can stop holding your breath.

You know who you are...always asking questions and not necessarily to us. That's not nice.

So a while back there was this:

And then more recently there was this:

Doesn't look like much, huh?

It's now two weeks later and who knows what is there. We hope to see more soon, but for now it's just waiting... Those of you who sincerely want to pray for us, please do. Those who want to use our prayer request as an announcement, please don't. We're happy to share our news with you, but we still have a little hump to get over. Don't worry about us...we're trusting.

On another front, I made an exciting discovery today. I love to visit the Girl Talk blog to read all sorts of discussion by the Mahaney women. Check it out. Anyway, I learned that Sovereign Grace has just made a CD of worship songs that are inspired by prayers from The Vally of Vision. I absolutely love this little book of puritan prayers and would recommend it to anyone who wants inspiration for prayers full of good, solid theology. I love the prayers, and there is nothing like putting words to music to help get them in my head. It's funny how even Jonathan walks around singing theological truths he won't understand for years all because of the songs he hears at church. It works no matter how old or young we are.

And because it's not a blog entry without a photo, I'll leave you with a pic of what happens when a little guy has had a bit too much fun and hot weather.

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