Saturday, September 30, 2006

Good stuff.

It's in the 70s outside, and Jonathan and I already walked to one grocery store where I scored a chicken for $.89/lb and then we saved 9 bucks at Food Lion on 2 roasts and half a pound of deli roast beef. Boring you say? Naaaahhh. I've discovered that actually reading the sales flyers can be a good thing. The best part? It did not involve a trek to Wal-Mart.

A friend at church was sharing with me how she saves a ton on groceries and stuff by using coupons, watching sales, and stocking up. I figured saving money is always a plus, and if it helps me to actually plan out what we're going to have to eat, then that's a bonus. Anyway, she shared 2 web sites with me. The first one is for the Grocery Game. It looks kind of neat, but I figure it would be just as easy for me to watch stuff in the papers as to pay someone else money for a list. The other is a coupon clipper that will mail you coupons for a small fee, so you can stock up on stuff when there is a big sale. I haven't used it, but my friend does. I figure I'll start with actually getting a Sunday paper.

From what I've read, some people go all out with stockpiles and stuff, but I'm thinking I definitely don't have space, and any savings and planning is an improvement. So, there you have it. I might sound crazy, but I'm definitely on the low end of the crazy spectrum. However, I am quite upset that the stores around here seem to have made the school supplies disappear rather than having a clearance this year. What a bummer!

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