Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Froggy Fun

Our fall festival at church was a bit different this year. I think it went really well, and it was more fun. We had different games for the "kids" first, then we had a devotion for the kids, a hot dog supper, and then they did the whole trunk of treats thing--I still don't quite get that one, but I won't complain because it involves candy!

We have a few frog sighting from throughout the night. In case you're wondering, yes, he was the only person with a costume at the whole thing. I guess we didn't get that memo.

Oh well!

We have a putting frog.

We have a bowling frog.

We have a target-shooting frog.

And we have our non-walking cake walk. We did end up with some cupcakes and cookies from this, so I guess it is a non-walking cake/cookie/cupcake walk.

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  1. Ha my little man! I really don't think I can emotionally handle ever having kids of my own, or see how I could ever love anything more than I love this Kid! He is the coolest, cutest, smartest kid around. By the way he reminds me of one of those froggie singing dancing bands you use to see at the flea market when we were little.


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