Sunday, December 17, 2006

A Little Insight

I know some of you have lots of questions about what we will be facing in the next few months. It was confusing for us at first to hear so many big words and very little about what they really mean as far as what we can expect for the future. So, from there we've done a lot of reading and asking questions and listening to doctors. I know it can be dangerous to put too much stock into what you will find on the internet, but I have read so many stories from different families about their experiences. These aren't scary research or so and so's ideas, but they are just some stories from regular families about what happened with their babies and their experiences. I do know that I've seen many terms used over and over and similar situations described in multiple accounts.

Anyway, we have learned that the first, and most dangerous problem we must face is what is called a congenital diaphragmatic hernia. I thought it might help to share some links to stories about other babies and their experiences. From our talk with doctors, these are accurate accounts and there is no way to know how extreme David's case will be until after he is born. Hopefully, these stories will shed a little light on what we may have in store.




Kylie - scroll to the bottom for the beginning

Avery - to read the whole story you'll have to click on journal at the end of the first page.

Keep in mind also, that these are babies who, for the most part, only had to battle CDH. David will have this battle, but he will also have the disadvantage of having a pretty major heart defect to begin with. That makes the issues with pulmonary hypertension even more dangerous for him. Anyway, I'm not trying to be upsetting--only realistic.

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  1. Thanks for the links. Yes we have many questions and we know that only God knows the answers for sure. Just know that we are here to stand with you all in whatever we have to deal with. Never hesitate to make a call. We will be there at a drop of the hat for as long as is needed. We love you all and will love David whether it is for a minute or years. He already has a spot in our hearts. As your mother and I feel you probably can understand now how it hurts us when you hurt. Love you all Mama "Nana"


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