Thursday, February 08, 2007

The countdown

Well, I have lots of pics of profiles and ears and stuff like that, but my scanner doesn't seem to be cooperating. I guess the big countdown really begins now since we have 10 days until our C-section is scheduled. That is..unless something happens sooner. Like the fact that today David failed his biophysical profile because he didn't move the whole time. Thankfully, they gave him another chance, and he did fine within about 10 minutes. Sometimes I think they are just determined to keep me at the office as long as possible. My first appointment today was at 11:30, and I ended up finally leaving (unless you count the break for lunch) around 3:00. Now you know how I'm keeping busy!

Jonathan has been building cars out of Lincoln logs today, and he was ready to tell me all about Thomas after Bible study. He likes to be with the other kids so much, but it's amazing how much he picks up from their lessons. Now we just have to work on finding a way to get him out of the bed earlier, so we're not always late. I can't imagine where he gets that trait...

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