Friday, March 02, 2007

Some random silliness

He says, "Take some silly face pictures," and refuses to back away from the camera. I was trying to catch him with the doggie mask actually on, but it didn't happen. What you can't see is how he is bending over to the side and touching his toes. Apparently touching your toes is silly now.
Right now he's "working" on his computer watching the error messages scroll up the screen as he pushes buttons. He's pretty upset that I can't fix whatever he did to it weeks ago, but at least he's no longer skating across the floor on the mouse.


  1. Crystal,
    Jonathan is such a cutie pie! Love the pics!

  2. Gotta love this kid! He is a light in life, especially when it seems kind-of dark around here. I love his spunk, creativity, energy, and love of life. He's a smart on and knows how to show off. He's the coolest kid around. I love you guys and miss you too!
    Jonathan's Proud Aunt,


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