Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Silly Boy

I'm trying to keep things going on here, and I think so far this week I may have a record! I know it can get boring when you keep seeing the same old post at the top of a blog every time you check.

Jonathan has been hanging out, dragging his feet about cleaning up his toys, and making us laugh.

Earlier he was playing with his Spiderman memory game. You're supposed to pick up the cups to find a top or bottom of a super hero figurine. Then you have to find the ones that fit together to make a whole superhero. He doesn't quite get it.

He saw me with the camera and started grinning on cue.

Then he decided he's had enough and told me it was time to turn off the camera.


  1. Anonymous8:44 PM

    What a cutie! I still think he favors his Papa. Thanks for the pictures and update.

  2. He oughtta know how to play that game I only played it 50 thousand times with him. Can we say camera hog though. Wow I miss my lil' buddy! He really will always be "My Boy." Sorry Nana!


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