Tuesday, August 14, 2007


...I'm the one that ended up with poison oak. I mean, I have been all through the words before and all around poison oak many many times, and I may have had a reaction to it once before. And while we were in the mountains, everyone else was running all around it while I stayed close to the truck (mostly because my calves were too sore to keep up--I'll have to share the story of our hike sometime).

I even warned them it was around. And I ended up with it. I was obviously wearing my flip flops when I got it. And it started out so tiny that I thought it was a bug bite. And it itches--a lot. So now it's spread, and I'm making friends with the Caladryl Clear. And no one else has poison oak. Grrrrr.... It's still a small little patch, but did I mention that it itches?

AND, I just wanted to let everyone know I'll be taking a little blogging break. We have so much going on and we need to get it all organized. I have to figure out how to balance Jonathan's school, soccer, my teaching at church, the crafty stuff and keeping up with mailing and posting, and finding our house under the mess, and getting ready for a yard sale, and any other activities that might pop up. Did I mention we're going to be painting?

So, you can see how I need to clear a few things out of my mind for a while, and I won't feel so bad about not keeping up with the posts if you've been warned. I'll still be checking my e-mail. I just won't be saying too much for a little while.


  1. So, I miss you guys when you're not blogging. It really makes it feel like you're worlds away and I haven't seen you in forever. Love you and mis you!

  2. Anonymous12:11 AM

    You will definitely be missed and enjoy painting! We are painting doors and trim right now and let me say my arms are so sore! Ugh....

    I hope you are doing well. I think of often and hope that we can arrange time to meet each other one day.



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