Wednesday, October 17, 2007

If everything works out...

...we might need those helpers we warned you about. We agreed on a price today, and our Realtor says we should be able to close by the 19th if everthing goes smoothly. This is all so crazy, but I guess it will be an adventure. You can see a few photos here .

There are two bedrooms with hardwood floors, only one bathroom with tile that I can live with (read that "not Pepto Bismol pink"), a huge living room and a den, and the best looking kitchen of anything we looked at. It also has the unfinished space upstairs that we could do something with if we needed to. The washer and dryer are upstairs, but that beats outside in the utility room. Oh, and the appliances come with it. There is no dishwasher, but we're used to that, and maybe someday we will put one in. It has just been painted nice and neutral and has new carpet. It's all good and open, so we can have people over and not suffocate. And there's also a little brick patio out back. And lots of pine trees, but I told Justin he gets to deal with those.


  1. Looks good to me. Papa wants to know how are you going to move the swing set? That was the deal when you move it moves! We put it on the prayer list tonight. Love you all. Nana

  2. crystal good luck with the house, if it is what you are suposed to be doing right now then you will be able to handle it. sorry that you have to pack and move though...ohh, that is just one job i really don't like. good thing is after this one it is for the long haul. the house is dear, i liked the other too, but sounds like this one will grow withyou guys and your needs,


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