Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Some Photos

The back yard isn't anything special. I wish it had more space, but I can live with it. As you can see, Justin is going to have his hads full with the pine needles. You can see the edge of the patio, but I think I accidentally deleted the pic of the patio and back door.

Here is a front view. There is lots of potential for the landscaping. I'm just glad there aren't any overgrown bushes that need to be removed.

And here are some more inside pics.

The den

The living room

The Kitchen


  1. Congrats!!! The house is awesome!

  2. I really don't think the pictures do it justice. It's a really nice house. Cute! I'm happy for you. I had a great time this weekend even if as Jonathan said... No one wants our stuff! What a booger. Well I just wanted to say hi.

  3. Anonymous7:45 PM

    Congrats! I love the house and how fun it will be to decorate. If you need help I'm only a phone call away (and about 4 hours)!

    I love the yard! Buying a new home is a always a wonderful thing and a start to something new in your lives.

    Congrats again!



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