Wednesday, October 10, 2007

To buy or not to buy...

...that is the question.

I'm so not good at making decisions. And, generally, decisions mean weighing positives and negatives, but I think my scale is broken. I can never tell which side is heavier--that is unless it's really obvious. I mean like if even Jonathan can clearly see the answer.

We're in a frustrating place with the whole house thing right now. I mean, we know that there is a reason the market is the way it is right now, and we don't want to put ourselves in that situation. So it's a matter of deciding whether we're better off staying put and counting on the fact that our landlord doesn't decide he wants to sell this house when he retires soon or anytime in the near future or stick our necks out and make that first home purchase knowing that it won't our ideal house (read anywhere near the church) and we'll need to be there a while.

On the up side, we now own our car free and clear. It may explode next week, but at least it's ours.

And I hope to get the list up sometime today. We've been discovering neighborhoods we never knew were here while we don't have a little guy jabbering in the back seat. Did I mention he wants to eat at every reataurant we pass? He's funny like that.

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