Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Wish List 2007

I haven't really thought through all of this, but I'll get a list started anyway. I'm sure we'll be adding to it at some point.

Duplo or Lego blocks. **taken**
books (anything, but he likes Curious George) (the Bible is taken)
Awesome God CD **taken**
dress up clothes and role play toys (firemen, police, doctor, etc. He found lots of these at Target in the costumes, too.) **taken**
* a lightsaber (He says he wants a green one, and they have some cheaper ones at target for like $6-7) **taken**
* anything from Cars the movie (except the actual cars--he has a lot of those), Thomas, Transformers, Spider Man, Superman

things he says he wants:
* Rubik's Cube
* Mr. Potato Head
* Playmobil sets
* Explorer Stuff

* books (I'll update my wishlist--Jonathan's are on there, too )
* gift cards (Target, Archiver's)
* I also have a
wishlist that I shop from at Scrapsupply, and gift certificates would be great, too.
* an external hard drive or gift certificates toward one. (gotta store those pics of Jonathan somewhere safe)
* peppermill and salt shaker set (We have a big one, but it doesn't work for the table)
* plastic under-the-bed storage boxes
* a butter dish

* a lightsaber :) **taken**
* dress socks and brown socks for kakhis
* books

* a rake
* a weed eater
* an extension cord
* tie tack


  1. Hey I've had little man a construction dress up set for quite some time now and I think I'll head to toys r us to get the fireman and I'll let you know about the police man. So you can just update that.

  2. So you might as well take the costumes down... I think I will have them covered...

  3. The lists are good but Justin's looks more like a to do list than a wish list.
    Love Nana


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