Monday, December 03, 2007

Now that we're done.

Ha! Done. Does that ever happen? At least we hope we're done with plumbers and we're definitely done with the other house (ugh), and we've mostly worked the kinks out of the internet thing. So, I thought I'd better post something here before this blog dies an untimely death. Maybe I can pump some new life into things.

Here is a photo that was still on my spare memory card that I forgot about with all the craziness.

And here are a few more stops along the road on our quest for a Christmas card. That needs to be checked off SOON, but we're having a little difficulty, as you can probably see.


  1. Crystal,
    He is just so amazing adorable...and your pictures are fabulous!!!

  2. love, Love, LOve, LOVE this kid!!!I always wonder when I answer my phone is it really you or is it that silly little guy! Either way its great to hear from you guys. Can't wait to see you Christmas.


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