Saturday, December 15, 2007

What does a desperate boy do?

When he can't find his leapster, he checks any place it could possibly be. Pajamas can't stop him. He stopped about half way out to ask if the squirrels would hurt him. Once he receieved the assurance that they weren't dangerous, he was off to check the car. He finally came back unsuccessful since it was lying in the living room where he claimed he had already looked.

I finally attempted to take a photo of our tree. I had to rig the setup since I haven't been able to find my tripod in all the boxes. It's still a bit blurry, but it turned out pretty well considering.

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  1. Hey, love your photography as usual! Your son is adorable and your Christmas tree is beautiful.

    I too took pics of my tree...I had to dig but I found my tripod in the bottomless abyss of my closet.:) Anyway, check it out on my blog.

    Hope you have a merry Christmas.


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