Wednesday, January 23, 2008

The crazy little guy...

...always has something to say. Sunday night when he was listening to the announcements at church, he heard one he was interested in. It was instructing anyone who is interested in finding out more about a mission trip to Greenland to do some work with one of the families we support there to sign up on a list on the bulletin board. I wasn't really paying good attention and was more worried about getting him settled. Then he looked at me and said, "I surely will put my name on that list." So if he tells you he is going to Greenland, it's probably because he thinks he is. I really don't the he'd be very useful doing work on mission houses, but that doesn't seem to matter to him.

Also, Justin informed me that I never put the name of the store in the last post, so I fixed that. I'm just so used to looking for that little red monster that I didn't realize I didn't include it. We stopped by the sotre here, but there wasn't much in his size, and the prices weren't nearly as good as what I saw online--not that there was anything left there. We did get a hat and gloves, though. So now is little hands won't be half-covered when it gets really cold again. I'm not sure why he had to wear them through the mall, though.

And...if anyone finds a good deal on a plain dress shirt, I'd love to know. Ours all seem to have stripes and stuff that don't really go with the suits he has. I'd hate for them to hang in the closet just because he doesn't have a shirt.

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  1. I think it's wonderful that the little guy thinks he's going to Greenland to help a family. But I must say blogs are getting boring without pictures... But who am I to criticize considering I don't ever have the time to even post anything on my blog. Well anywho talk to ya soon.
    Love you guys!


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