Monday, January 07, 2008

Fun Stuff

It's funny when it takes a kid a couple of weeks to even realize he has all the stuff he got for Christmas. And it's amazing that we have almost found a place for everything. I was going to post a photo of the racetrack that ate our living room, but it was destroyed before I could even get one. We had to keep moving furniture out of the way as we put it together, and our living room isn't exactly tiny.

I'm not sure yet what the favorites will be, but most everything rates above the remote control terantula that Justin picked out. (That's what I get for sending him into Target to get the last few things. The list multiplied while he was in there.)

He'll be doing good if he can ever keep from hitting the tee instead of the ball.

And this parachute man is so much better than the little ones we used to have. It's nice and heavy, so you can throw it up pretty high.

And this is just funny. What is a boy to do when he has shapes that need to be glued onto the right picture? Well of course, he does what he watches his mom do to stick things down. This was a little treat to myself before Christmas--you know, an adhesive gun. Doesn't that sound like a treat? At first I thought I might be intimidated by this big old thing, but if he can do it, how hard can it be?

And tommorrow...

...a surprise.

You just have to show up to see what it might be. I'm eager to find out the details myself!

Now I have to try to pry the little guy away from American Gladiators. Whose idea was it to bring that back anyway?

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