Friday, February 08, 2008

Just for fun

I've added a little poll to the sidebar. I thought some of you might like to take a guess as to whether this little person will be a boy or a girl. I know everyone has their theories and hopes, so now you get to share.

If everything goes well, we should be able to answer your question on Monday. We've opted not to go for a Level II ultrasound unless something shows up on the first one. That's pretty much the regular routine, and we feel pretty confident that any concerns would show up with the basic anatomy scan anyway.

So let's hear it...what's your theory? Pink? Blue?


  1. Well, Nana is rooting for a girl. That is what she thinks but really don't care as long as it is okay. But you're right...they make cute clothes for girls. Nana

  2. Anonymous9:30 AM

    sorry...i figure since i think ihave having a girl you are having a boy...ha ha's ok though...i am usually which cause i get to have the boy i want...and you the girl....

    *~* :o) always remember to be happy... :o) because you never know who is falling in love with your smile... :o) *~*

  3. I don't have any theories or any excessive knowledge base for my vote but I did have an "out of the blue" thought experience one day to think it is a girl. But beware that if it is Nana will stay broke!I am just excited to have another little one... it will be fun especially since it's not mine.


Thank you for your comments!