Friday, February 08, 2008

Vader Boy

Apparently this is how you dress when you want to be prepared for the neighborhood Bassett hound to show up. He was posing for the pics, and he had a whole list of poses I must get a photo of. I asked him what the bag was for, and he said it was protection to keep Floppy (aka Sammy, Henry, or Happy) from chewing on his shirt or giving him bruises or boo boos. He must be locked up today because he hasn't shown up yet to see if this get-up really works.

Also, I decided to counteract the photos that Nana took after our house had been destroyed with a some pics of things when they are mostly put together. That would be why there are no pics of the bedrooms. (I really should be doing laundry right about now.) But, you will find somewhat of a photo tour over at Flikr.

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  1. This kid is freakin' awesome! I love his imagination and reasoning in life. He so good at just simply making you smile. Love you guys!


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