Wednesday, April 30, 2008


You know, I never really thought it would be such a big deal if we chose not to tell the baby's name until he's here. I mean we didn't tell Jonathan's name, either, and I know I didn't receive all the harassment that I've gotten this time. And I guess I have a mean streak, but when people get so worked up over something so simple, it kind of makes the secret fun, and it makes me want to tell even less. I've heard all sorts of predictions and attempts to bribe the bigger little guy, but so far no one is close to knowing just what the new little guy will be called.

So I thought I'd draw out the fun a bit. You see there are 8 Wednesdays (counting today) before the big Wednesday, and there just happen to be 26 letters in the English alphabet. That means we can eliminate 3 letters every week until you're left with the 2 letters that will be his initials on the Wednesday before the big Wednesday. That will give you about a week to stew and come up with all sorts of predictions before we actually get to meet this little person.

It will be interesting to see how creative everyone gets and if anyone even gets close. So here are the first letters you can mark off the list. You can now rest easy knowing that neither the first or middle name begin with any of these letters.


  1. As you can see, this means his name will not be Rusty...

  2. Rusty, Oh That's too bad... Maybe it could be Henry or I noticed there's no P how about Popsicle! HAHAHA HA!
    Just thought I'd have a little fun too.
    See ya soon.

  3. you are too cute! great idea!


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