Thursday, May 29, 2008

Freezer Meals

So I've been thinking about freezer meals. I know lots of people cook things ahead and stash them in the freezer for a fast meal later. I've never really done this mostly because I didn't have space to keep them in our freezer. When it's already a landslide waiting to happen, you just don't want to add too much more.

But with gas costing more than a gallon of milk and the fact that it's too easy to resort to take out when things get crazy, I've been thinking that it would definitely be wise to try to get some things together before the little guy arrives. Now that we have some extra freezer space and I've started thinking about attempting to put some things away, I'm stumped. I seem to have a hard time finding recipes everyone here will eat.

Sooo, I need some help. If any of you have favorite recipes that you like to freeze, know of a good book or web site, or anything that might be helpful, I'd love to hear it. You can leave a comment or zap me an e-mail via my profile. Please, please, please!

And, I know Wednesday has passed once again. Maybe I should have just said each week rather than setting a day. That might have been a bit less self-defeating. Anyway, here are some more letters to cross off the list.


  1. baked spaghetti or spaghetti lasagna (our favorite) freeze well....grilled chicken breasts, even already grilled burgers can be frozen and warmed up later.

    check out the spaghetti recipes here:

  2. I know it's not the best for summertime but I like to do soups, I have a really good bean soup recipe that makes a huge batch so we eat for about two meals and then I freeze the rest for another two meals. I usually thaw it and make homemade bread to go with (this is actually dinner tonight).
    I also like this tomato soup recipe
    I do the same thing, make for dinner and freeze the rest. When I thaw it I can add chicken to it or make with grilled cheese for an easy dinner.
    We also freeze taco/burrito meat with refried beans in it, and spaghetti sauce.
    Those are just a few ideas off the top of my head.
    If you want the bean soup recipe I'd be happy to email it to you.


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