Monday, May 26, 2008

Just over 4 Weeks

That's how much time we have left as a family of three. Thankfully, I've gotten most of the big things tackled so that I can just spend some time working on little projects around here. This is really good since I'm sort of in that stage where I don't really feel like getting out all that much. My trip to Wal-Mart today made me realize that I'm definitely there.

I do have something coming up next week that I'd like for you all to remember. I'll be speaking at a women's event at a local church about our experience and how God has been faithful to me through everything. This is something I said I would do if I ever got the opportunity, and so now I have to follow through with that. I don't really think that I'll have a hard time finding things to say, but I am thinking I should have some overall focus or main point, so I'm in the middle of trying to work through all of that and narrowing things down a bit. I've been warned that there may not be many people there, but I'm glad to have the opportunity, and I hope you'll join me in praying that this will be another way that David's life can be used to bring glory to God.

Also, I've been meaning to share something that's somewhat related. Molly Piper has been writing a series of posts on her blog about ways we can help our grieving friends. She's writing from her experience of losing their daughter when she was stillborn last fall, and I've been amazed at how real and familiar her thoughts have been. It's definitely worth checking them out if you get a chance.

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