Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Speaking of boys and stuff...

I never did post the proof that we finally got the disaster area of a bedroom cleaned out and rearranged. So I decided that I would take some pics for a little tour. It was actually quite a challenge to take photos of such a small space. And don't get too worried by the lack of visible toys. The whole bottom of the closet is full of cubes and bins and tubs full of toys. We just had to get enough out so we could breathe. If you click on the photo it will take you to a link with the rest of them.

I also had grandmas asking about the clothing situation. We did go through everything to take out the too-little things and see just what was left. It looks like we're doing pretty well right now. The chest is still full which is better than before when it was overflowing. We even found 2 pairs of swimming trunks that will be good for the spray park this summer. The only things I think we might possibly need would be a couple of pairs of denim shorts and maybe a few plain T shirts or tank tops (probably 4Ts).

I actually found quite a stash of bigger clothes as well. We should definitely be set for the fall and winter with just some plain long sleeved T shirts. We have tons of button up shirts, a lot of pants, and sweaters he should still be able to wear this year. We also have quite a few T shirts in the 4/5 size that are still a bit big on him.


  1. Anonymous8:26 PM

    The room looks great!

  2. The room works out fine. This should hold the little monsters for a while. Then we can look at bunk beds again. Jonathan gets the top. Love nana


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