Monday, June 30, 2008

As I promised...

Here is a photo of the little one napping. This is such a blessed sight after the first few days of screaming at all times when not being held.

Thanks for the input. Let's just say that the feeding issue won't be an easy decision either way. And if you'd still like to weigh in, feel free. I know there are lots of lurkers out there who must have insight. Feel free to pop me an e-mail if you're shy!


  1. Anonymous4:47 PM

    He's beautiful--congratulations.

    And the emotions you're feeling, though unexpected, are normal I think.

  2. Anonymous5:46 PM

    you never told us what his name is!!!

  3. Anonymous6:41 PM

    he is gourgeous CONGRATS!

  4. what a beautiful blessing! I'm with anonymous: what's his name?

    as for breast feeding, I am a staunch proponent. I had difficulty with both my babies - No. 1 was a preemie and had to eat very regularly. breastfeeding meant NO sleep for me.
    Baby no. 2 was hard because I had a LOT of pain initially. But it was worth getting through it and the pain went away. as a result, I saved a TON of money and shared those close bonding times with my children. I fed both for about a year. I did, however, use some formula to make outings to church and other places easier.

    that's a rambling answer, but hope it helps.


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