Monday, June 16, 2008

VBS and a Bummer

Jonathan is so excited that VBS is finally here. He has been looking through the Power Lab catalog for months now and talking about how fun it will be. What kid looks through VBS catalogs?

Last night he really liked the time when they tried to put each person inside of a giant bubble. It was definitely easier for the little kids, but the bubbles just didn't want to last too long.

He's also been practicing some of the motions to the songs with Justin to get ready. And you know he'd front and center when that time comes. By the time we got home last night he had dirt on his nose, icing on his clothes and face, and glitter on his face. I guess those are the marks of a fun time!

And I'm just a bit bummed. Justin made fun of me because I spent so much time looking at bouncers online and reading all the reviews. It did feel good to just make a choice, order one, and have it over. Then it came, and I put it all together, and it didn't work. The music would play, but there was no vibrating. Remind me next time to check that BEFORE I put everything together. Thankfully, I was able to take it back to the store, but they didn't have one like it there. They only have a pink one at Target. So now I guess I'm back where I started because none of the ones I did see really jumped out at me. I was hoping for something simple and cozy that doesn't have all sorts of noise-making toys on the toy bar. I guess I'll have to make my mind up soon, though. Grrr.

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