Wednesday, July 09, 2008

more photos

Things are pretty boring around here right now. It's mostly eat, sleep, and change diapers. Then there is some occasional screaming thrown in for good measure. So I did take the time to try to get a few photos today while we were keeping Benjamin awake for a while. This was well after 2:00 this morning when he would prefer to be awake--and screaming.

It was all a pretty big experiment, and I do like the one photo of the two boys together. They were a bit less than cooperative on their own. I'm definitely not sure how photographers get such great newborn photos without many tears--from the babies or themselves.


  1. i'm amazed that you have any time or energy for taking pictures, much less posting about them. way to go girl.

    i'm sure you've already thought of this...but some of the best pics i took of my infant son were when he was asleep.

  2. I LOVE the brothers shot!


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