Monday, August 04, 2008

Monday Photos

Yesterday nobody took a nap, and I was home with the boys by myself. I'm not sure who was the grumpiest after that. And for some reason Benjamin thinks bed time is somewhere around 2 am. I was really hoping after his non-sleeping afternoon that he would decide to turn in earlier last night. It's very apparent that he's never read any of the baby books because he is not falling into any sort of schedule at all so far. I'm still hoping he might change his mind soon.

This week will be spent trying to find out house under the mess (is that a trend lately?) and adding new things into our schedule. Jonathan's swimming lessons start tomorrow, and he's pretty excited about that. And with classical starting in a few weeks for him, I'm beginning to think this year may be an experiment in unschooling for a little while. Thankfully, he's moving right along with his reading, and he's been enjoying getting books from the library. That's our biggest objective for right now anyway.

And Benjamin doesn't really like much so far. He has a list of things he doesn't like:

crib - most of the time
bouncy seat - hates
pack and play - most of the time
anywhere other than being held - hates

BUT we did have a breakthrough this morning. He actually sat in the swing without crying, and he went to sleep in it. Wahoo! Maybe we can start marking other things off the list soon.

At least I have some photos to share from our non-sleeping afternoon.

Jonathan has a little sleep nest on the living room couch because we were trying to get Benjamin to spend the night in his crib. He was reading me a few of his library books.

I got a few pics of Benjamin in one of his cute little outfits. Jonathan said he had to wear the hat, but Benjamin is not so fond of it.

And here he is showing off with one of his tricks. He doesn't have a very long list of those right now.

And this was today. I'm hoping he'll grow to love the swing--or maybe just be content in it every now and then.

ETA: Formatting in blogger is a PAIN, and I just realized that it shows up differently in Firefox than it does Internet Explorer--neither of these is what it looks like in blogger. Grrrr... So if the captions don't go with the photos just know that's why. I think it's fixed for IE, but that means it isn't right in Firefox, and I give up.

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