Friday, September 05, 2008

It will be that time before we know it.

It will be time for Christmas shopping to get in full swing. Some of you out there have undoubtedly already started. I only wish I were that organized, although, I do have an idea left over from last year for the grandparents. I really should make that happen this year.

I'm the one who obsesses over the perfect gift for everyone. You know--something really useful or enjoyable that fits into our budget that the recipient doesn't already have. Last year I had mostly run out of ideas when it came time for us to get Jonathan's gifts. Then seeing the castoffs just a few months later, I promised myself I would keep a list of good ideas when I came across them or thought of them this year. I haven't exactly made that list, yet, but I have come across some things. Then I thought I would share them here for anyone out there who may be looking for gifts for the little people in their lives. I will probably make this into a running list and put a link in the sidebar in case anyone is interested. Maybe I can save someone some time, and keep my list at the same time. Better yet, if you have an idea to share please leave a comment. That way we can have a bigger and better list.

For the kids, we really like the idea of toys and things that can be educational as well as fun. Things that promote imaginitive play are great, too because I've found that Jonathan has a tendency to revert to the plot of TV shows or movies that he's seen in his play. I've been trying to encourage him to steer away from that. If you've ever tried to teach a kid to write creatively you know how important that imagination can be. Then some of the things are just so stinkin' cute or look downright useful or fun.

OK. So that's enough blah, blah, blah... Here's the list:

Playsilks can be found from a variety of sources, and are great for making impromptu costumes, and water or land for a variety of adventure.

These wiggle racers just look like they'd be a fun way to get some of that energy out.

How about a dress up cape?

I really like the look of a lot of the products from eeboo, and I think I Never Forget a Face! and the Tell Me a Story cards look like especially good picks.

If you're looking for that friend for life for them to drag around, there are some totally cute and totally functional animals that zip out into blankets. They are Zoobies.

And these trays from ontray look like they could be lifesavers if you need to shop with a toddler in tow.

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  1. It may be Christmas before you post again... HA Ha ha! Just kidding! Just thought I'd drop a line... Talk to ya soon.


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