Thursday, September 04, 2008

Thou shall not covet.

That's a good rule. Not that I'm realistically coveting it, but if I had a bunch of money that I HAD to spend on a camera (but not enough for the D200), this is the camera I would want. The new Nikon D90. I've been guilty of coveting the improved focus points on the D80 for a millisecond here and there, but this new model has all sorts of features that make it great. Realistically, even if I had enough money in my wallet, I don't think I could justify a camera that pricey, but it would be nice.

Just thought I'd post it for any other camera geeks who might be reading. I should probably keep working at getting better results with the one I already have. I still love it, but they don't make it anymore.

And because it's always good to have photos, I thought I'd show everyone our little entertainer in action. Jonathan really likes to talk to Benjamin and tell him all about everything. I can't remember the lecture Benjamin was getting this morning on the way to classical, but it was pretty funny. Sometimes, he chooses to laugh with us.

I'm really trying to focus on getting things together around here. It seems like I haven't had very much time to post lately as it is, but it may remain infrequent for a little while since I need to make sure I focus on other things a bit more for right now. I hope we will be able to settle into a schedule and work more blogging back into things.

And I think Jonathan has already begun his Christmas wishlist. It never ends with him.

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