Monday, November 24, 2008

Jumping is hard work.

My camera hasn't made it out much lately, but I had to catch this the other day. Benjamin really loves the jumparoo much more than Jonathan ever like the exersaucer, but I couldn't believe he was able to go to sleep like this.

Notice how he holds on for dear life when he starts jumping.

And Jonathan's mark wasn't absent from this scene. You can't see the line of cars all the way around the other side of the base.


  1. Anonymous2:39 PM

    That's adorable. I can imagine Orison doing something similar with the cars, too.

  2. I never thought you could give us another boy as sweet as Jonathan has been but hey you proved me wrong again! There is no way in this world to express how much joy these two little boys bring to Nana and Papa and I am sure it goes for Grandma and Grandpa....Granddaddy..Mawmaw......Grandma Webster....and the list goes on.

  3. Hey don't forget their aunt Tonya either!


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