Thursday, December 18, 2008

The one question I didn't ask myself when choosing cloth diapers...

What do I do when the dryer breaks in the middle of December?

I guess I won't be catching up on laundry tonight after all. The sad part is that I ran a load of towels twice with it broken before I realized that I really didn't forget to turn the dryer on before heading downstairs, but it was broken instead.

Now to deal with the 2 loads of wet laundry.


  1. I had to ccome see the rest of the post when I saw the title. yikes!! Sorry to hear about your dryer- I can so sympathize, while I don't wash diapers - I do have four girls=laundry 24-7!

  2. Oh no!!! That isn't one of the "usual" questions, LOL. I hope you get a new dryer soon :(

  3. I think u have figured this out by now! Add something new for crying out loud!


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