Friday, December 05, 2008

Sometimes when you're trying to get Christmas card photos... get a few tears.

You get some that are good but not just right.

There are some out of focus ones.

There are some having-fun ones.

And there are some where you can just admire the tiny crooked ears and the often furrowed brow.


  1. None of them are rejects to nana. Each one is just beautiful boys growing up. All the different attitudes and emotions are just a part of how God has made them so special. We love them all. Love Nana

  2. What did you do to my little man to make him cry... If I have to I'll take him for a while! (The big one!!! not the little one; not yet) They are all cute! But I don't like teary eyes. See ya soon!

  3. What did we do to him? Ha! He was just mad because we wouldn't let him drag a box of racetracks out of the attic when he already had tracks and cars everywhere.


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