Tuesday, January 27, 2009

I'm Laughing

at all of your answers about the picture, that is. It definitely wasn't an easy guess without a little background. It even took my sister 2 guesses to get it right, and that's only because she's a 5th grade science teacher who teaches about atoms! That's right, it's Jonathan's version of an atom. It's really pretty good once you know what it's supposed to be.

Last week his Classical memory work for science was to memorize the parts of an atom. That may sound super boring and a bit difficult for a little kid, but we have a great science tutor for our Thursday meetings. They do lots of hands-on projects and, she tries to make up little songs to help them remember their facts. This is the song from last week. Just pretend you hear the Adam's family theme song in the background.

On the outside there's electrons.
The nucleus has protons,
neutrons, quarks, and leptons.
The parts of an atom.

It actually gets stuck in your head after a while, so it's definitely easier to remember. You'd be amazed what 4 and 5 year olds can memorize.

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  1. You're a winner! :) Yes, you won the Flipflops and Applesauce at Carolina Mama! Please email me your information. These rock!


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