Saturday, February 14, 2009

Valentine's Day

My sweet husband declared yesterday Valentine's Day at our house. Since we don't typically do much more than cards, it was a nice surprise. My boys had made me cards while I was at a women's fellowship on Tuesday. And then they surprised me with 2 place settings of the Fiestaware I have been eyeing. It's a little funny because I had been trying to decide if I wanted to use some of my gift cards from Christmas to get 2 place settings while they were on sale this week. Now I have a bit of inspiration to get some more color in my kitchen!

I was banished from the house last night while he cooked dinner for us so he could serve it on our new colorful dishes. I took Jonathan to basketball practice, and we returned home to lasagna. My husband doesn't like lasagna...because it has cheese in it...and sometimes tomatoes. He hates cheese and tomatoes. So it was totally sweet for him to serve lasagna because he knows it's one of my favorites.

For dessert, we tried out the fondue set my sister gave me for Christmas. It was soooo yummy. The chocolate was rich, and we had strawberries, bananas, and marshmallows to dip. Jonathan loved it! I have to admit that we did have a bit of cleaning to do when he was done.

This morning we decided to take photos to make Valentines for Jonathan to take to his friends at church tonight...since it's Valentine's Day for the rest of the world today. It's quite an adventure trying to get 2 boys to be happy and look at the camera at the same time. We did get some cards made, so now we just have to stop by to pick them up on our way to church. I love Photoshop.

Justin and the deacons will be serving everyone at a spaghetti dinner, so it could make for an interesting night.

To celebrate the occasion we thought we'd leave you all with your very own Valentine.

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  1. I think that is the prettiest Valentine Card I have ever received! Happy Valentine's Day you All of You! Love Nana


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