Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Favorite Places

Benjamin is busy exploring the house these days. He can probably tell you what most anything tastes like. He's not quite ready to let go and walk on his own, but I'm sure that's not far away. He's getting braver every day. And he's become quite a speed-crawler.

He's found a few favorite places along the way. The first one was the bathroom. From the time he could scoot, he has loved the air vents in the floor. We assume he liked the bathroom because of the old heater in the wall that looks like a giant vent. He would scoot in there and stare at it. Now he just loves the bathroom for the water. He tries to get in whenever he hears the water running, and he'll stand at the side of the bathtub and cry through your whole shower if he's successful.

This is another of his favorite places. We have this vertical row of windows right beside of our front door. The bottom one is just the right height for him to stand up and beat on the window sill. I think he likes to see all the new things out there. And all those spots you think you see on the windows...those are really on your monitor.


  1. Nana loves it. He gets cutier each time I see him.

  2. Don't worry I don't even have kids and my spots are much worse. I think the top picture is one of the cutest ever. I guess we'll be seeing you guys again someday soon!

  3. I'm with you Tonya. I think that top picture is one of the best she's ever taken.

  4. That top one has got to be one of the cutest pictures ever!

  5. Great pictures!

  6. Anonymous8:38 AM

    Just happened across your blog, and I have to tell you he is the CUTEST little thing I've seen in quite awhile!


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