Monday, August 24, 2009

First Day of School

The boys and I have been dealing with a cold for the last several days. Because of that, I didn't quite have all the details for the beginning of school planned out as I would have liked. Thankfully, we were able to pull it together anyway since I had done most of the planning before things got icky.

Our schedule will continue to evolve at least until our classical program begins again in a few weeks since we don't have quite as much to tackle. We're basing a lot of our work on history, and we started with creation. We'll work our way to ancient Egypt in the next few weeks, and I have some fun activities planned to start the year out.

We'll be doing lots of reading. in fact, I'm starting to wonder how I'll find enough to keep the little guy busy. He started a book today, and he didn't want to stop. He ended up reading the entire thing. Now I need to scour the library for more related books, and I'll have to let him check out some more reading for fun books. This one was supposed to last a few days--at least until my voice gets less scratchy!!

I'll definitely be sharing more about the activities we have planned in the near future.


  1. Hope you all feel better and Congratulations on your first day!

  2. LOOOOVE it... You can just send him to my class until you feel better. I think he'd fit in just as well as my 10 year olds although he probably likes to read more than they do.


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