Monday, December 14, 2009

Well, Why not?

I decided at the last minute that I would jump in and join The Nester's Christmas tour of homes. I don't promise that it will be spectacular, but haven't you read our tag line up there? Our ordinary family lives in quite an ordinary home, but I'm always willing to share a bit of our ordinariness (yes, I'm aware that probably isn't a word).

While I have dreams of all sorts of dramatic greenery and other beautiful decor gracing my home during the advent season, in reality I have to keep it real. Our house is fairly small, we all "work" from home for the most part, and I have a 17 month old underfoot. That means that our Christmas decor isn't nearly as dramatic as I might envision. So for now, I've focused on those things that I feel will give the most impact when it comes to our family traditions and the memories our children will carry away from those.

The focal point of our decor is definitely the tree. The Nester has discussed the idea of having a theme for your tree decor, and I wrote earlier about our efforts to make Christ the theme of the ornaments on our tree. Most of our decorating is done in our living room because that's where we have the most space to spare, and it's probably the neatest room most of the time, so decorations can do more than add clutter in there. This year we had the idea at the last minute to move the tree to sit on one side of our fireplace.

On the other side of our fireplace is a manger. I haven't decided if this is the best place for it, but we want it to be a central part of our celebration, so here it sits for now.

Some of our other decorations are nestled among our everyday stuff. We just changed out a giant painting for an iron cross and a bunch of other nicknacks. The balls in this glass jar are the ones from my 6 year old's little tree. We realized that even our new location wasn't enough to keep the little guy from attacking them. He LOVES balls. The jar? I think it was found at the Salvation Army.

This little "luminary" is actually an ornament that someone gave us for our tree, but it didn't have a string on it when I pulled it out this year, so it ended up on the mantle with a little battery operated tealight inside.

We haven't ever been able to use all of the nativity scenes that we own at once, but I was glad to be able to find a place on the mantle to tuck another one in this year.

The piano is the home to our Willow Tree nativity. We received this one for our wedding, and it's been displayed every year. That's why there are several animals missing. They received mortal wounds at one time or another.

Another big part of our advent celebration is this calendar that we use to organize our fun activities and Scripture readings. It's definitely been a great addition to our family traditions and decor. I'm also supposed to have a special bucket for all our Christmas cards, but it's lost somewhere in my attic. I'm sure I'll find it in the spring, but for now it means our cards are lying around on the bookshelf. And I have to mention my beloved Scentsy warmer because the scent of Holly Berry completes the Christmas mood around here!

I like to tuck this little nativity in just to remind us that not everyone celebrating advent and Christmas looks like us. I think it's a nice change from the typical ones we see everywhere around here.

And because our main tree does have a specific theme, we decided to have a small tree to give the big kid a place to put all the ornaments he receives or makes that don't fit the theme. It's been in his room, but we moved it to the shelf in the play room/den this year in an attempt to save it from the toddler. Clearly, the shelf isn't tall enough for that. And I'm not sure what happened to his other ornaments, but these are the ones he made at Lowe's on Saturday. He loves that place.

Our decorations are simple, but we enjoy them. They serve to remind us of the beauty of the season and make our house a festive home. Thanks for stopping by, and don't forget to check out all the other homes on tour at The Nester's place!


  1. Beautiful...

    Thanks for sharing!

  2. What a great tour.

    That is wonderful - displaying a Manger.

    Love all of your Nativity displays.

  3. Beautiful decorations! Thank you for the holiday tour.

    Merry Christmas and many blessings in 2010.


  4. you did great....Your pictures are great. There are new tree pictures up on the holiday blog...and I am loving looking through all the beautiful decorations on the Home Tour...Just need a few free hours...


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