Tuesday, January 26, 2010

IKEA Awesomeness

I have to admit that I have never actually been to an IKEA, but I've always wanted to go. It makes me sad that the nearest ones are both around 4 hours away. But I do like to look at their funky furniture and storage items. One day...

I recently read about these bibs on Lindsay's blog, and I immediately fell in love. Do you see those sleeves? Those are wonderful. We had some friends from church who were headed to IKEA a few weeks ago to pick up some things for the nursery they are preparing for their son's arrival. I was talking with them beforehand, and they were so kind to surprise me by bringing some of these Barnslig bibs back!

I was a bit surprised with how thin they are, but they really are waterproof and it makes them less stiff. The tag does say you may need to iron them after washing to renew the waterproofiness (so not a word). The sleeves are perfect, and I am definitely in love. Now somebody just needs to convince IKEA that they should offer better shipping services so that one doesn't have to drive 4 hours away to purchase $3.99 bibs (for 2). But if you happen to have a friend who is headed to IKEA, then you should definitely beg them to pick some up for you. Not that I did that. I just have really sweet and generous friends.

And I have one more photo just because Jonathan insists every proper photo must include him.

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