Thursday, February 18, 2010

How We Do Homeschool: Classical Conversations

As you can see, the Foundations curriculum from Classical Conversations plays a big role in determining what we do for each subject. The memory work really gives me a good framework, and I fill in the details. This is one of the main things that drew me to CC in the beginning--the comprehensive memory work. I also love the interaction that Jonathan is able to have with the other children at our weekly meetings.

The cost for the basic Foundations curriculum is around $160. You can see everything that includes here. The great thing is that you use these same materials throughout the Foundations program, so ours will have been used for 7 years with Jonathan. Also, you only need one set for however many children you have except for the tin whistles which are available for around $10 locally.

A large part of our cost each year is being a part of our local Classical Conversations community. You can see an overview of the tuition costs here. I will say that we have LOVED being a part of this group. There are so many advantages for Jonathan as well as myself. It’s not the best choice for everyone, but it’s definitely been a good fit for us as well as a huge blessing.

You certainly don't have to do everything the same way we do in order to use the Foundations curriculum. Every family does things differently and has the freedom to find what works for them. When it comes down to it, you simply need to add comprehensive language arts (spelling, phonics & reading, writing, and basic grammar) and math programs to the Foundations materials in the early years. Then you can expand on or add to the memory work for each subject as you wish. When your student enters the Essentials program, that replaces the other language arts, and you just need additional math.

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