Wednesday, February 17, 2010

How We Do Homeschool: Science and Art

I don't feel pressured to go all out doing activities at home for science and art because weekly labs for both are a part of our CC Foundations community meetings. It's nice to know that Jonathan will be getting some hands-on experiences in these areas most weeks whether I'm able to get it together or not.


For the most part, our science is based on the memory work from CC as well as the labs and projects that they will be doing each week during our meetings. All of the projects are listed in the Foundations guide, and the experiments are from Janice VanCleave’s 201 Experiments.

We memorize the memory work and use library books. I hope to begin including a bit more nature study similar to what is recommended by Ambleside Online in the near future, but it will always be in addition to what we do now. I try to alternate doing science and art daily depending on what we are working on and how much information there is available.


We follow the plan laid out in the Foundations curriculum. Each year, there are 4 components to the fine arts that are covered. The first 6 weeks is based on the elements of art. We do activities that reinforce what the students are doing in their lab activities.

The second 6 weeks is a basic music theory. We work on recognizing and drawing notes and scales as well as playing the tin whistle. This all comes from the Foundations guide, and they are working on it in their weekly fine arts labs.

The third 6 weeks, we are learning about master artists. We use library books or look at information online as it is available.

The final 6 weeks we work on orchestra, learning about instruments and listening to works of great composers. We may use the Classical Music for Dummies book and CDs from the library as well as library books about the specific composers.

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