Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Irish Pancakes

OK, so I doubt these remotely resemble Irish pancakes, and I'm not really sure there even is such a thing. It was, however, my attempt at a little fun in explaining St. Patrick's day.

For the most part, our morning went along as usual with school, chores, and a bit of craziness thrown in for good measure. We did take some time to talk about the Emerald Isle (hence the green pancakes) and how it got it's nickname. Then we learned about "Patrick, Missionary to Ireland" from Trial and Triumph. This is an exceptional resource for teaching your children or even yourself about bold Christians of long ago.

You see, incorporating holidays into your school schedule doesn't have to be a huge deal and it doesn't have to mean a total upheaval of your schedule. Just think through your goals and keep it simple. Jonathan can tell you about Patrick and why the Catholic church deemed him a saint as well as the fact that the Bible calls all believers saints. Our goal was accomplished with a little reading and a yummy breakfast.

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