Friday, March 26, 2010

Strategic Shopping

This is why I still believe in strategic shopping.  When I first figured out how to use coupons to my advantage and the amazing savings that can be accomplished, I went a bit overboard.  Then I got burned out, and I realized that a lot of things that can be "bought" for free are simply junk.  They certainly aren't the things that we need to stock our pantries with all the time.

My goals and shopping has changed a lot since then, but the knowledge I gained still greatly impacts the way I shop.  I just found my comfortable place with it all.  You'd be surprised  how easy it is to implement a few key ideas.

For example, all of the items in the photo above cost me a total of $2.95 at Harris Teeter this morning, and then I received a coupon back for $2.50 off of my next order.  This is very exciting for me since I was looking for a good deal on vanilla.

I have to admit that I did pay $6.50 to order some coupons from a clipping service, but so far I "made" $1.48 by using them and purchasing items that normally would have cost me at least $11.  Plus I have plenty left to buy more to stock my pantry (while "making" money each time) and to share with others.

I'll be able to apply the overage from the coupons that I receive back to my next purchase and to buy things that I can't get for free but are on sale such as white whole wheat flour, fresh strawberries, and laundry detergent (cheaper than I can make it).

If all this sounds too complicated and makes your head spin, don't worry.  It can get a little crazy, but I'll share some of my basic tips with you in the next few days and let you know how I try to keep it simple while finding the best deals on things our family really uses.

edited to add:  My husband is laughing at me because I said I got excited about vanilla.  What can I say, sometimes we have to take delight in the little things!

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