Friday, May 21, 2010

What I Would Have Blogged

I thought I'd share a big old list of things that I would have blogged about over the last several weeks if I had the time and motivation.

1.  Grandma came for a visit, and Jonathan really wanted to go home with her.  He doesn't realize that people don't play all the time like they do when he's around.  He also caught a really big fish.

2.  We finished up our year for Classical Conversations.  Did it really go by that fast?

3.  We've been working on all sorts of projects around here, and we I have a long wish list for things to come.  We're coming close to setting a record for being in one home for the longest amount of time, so I guess we're getting a little itchy for change.  Plus, this is the first time we've really been able to make things more like we want them.  I'm sure I'll have lots more to say about all of the things we're working on.

4.  I got a dishwasher for my birthday and a shovel for Mother's Day.  The dishwasher isn't hooked up yet, but we're getting close.  And then it's going to make me want to do more work fun stuff in the kitchen. 

5.  I've been making a second attempt at a garden.  I was going to move things, and then there were termites that I didn't want to move closer to my house.  Yada now I'm hoping things will actually grow in their new place, but I'll be sharing more about that, too.

6.  Our schedule has been crazy because Justin has had a lot of obligations lately.  We've seen funerals, hospital visits, a wedding, and a new baby.  Well, I haven't actually seen him yet, but I'm sure he's cute.

7.  We've eaten out waaaaay too much, and I'm really cracking down on that.

8.  Justin moved the TV upstairs (no we don't have a REAL upstairs), cancelled the satellite, and bought a HDMI cable.  We'll see how that goes.

9.  We finally got with it and got phones that are more than phones.  You know, right about the time that they come out with a phone that will organize your entire life and do laundry.  Being able to take pics and post to Facebook and Twitter has contributed to my lack of bloginess.

10.  Our neighborhood is having a community yard sale tomorrow, so we're having another yard sale.  I am determined to get the clutter under control.

11.  I've rediscovered my love of thrift stores, and I'm sure I'll have more to say about that.

12.  I've tried lots of new recipes, and I hope to have some to share soon.

13.  I'm thinking about giving my blog a real name.  After 4 1/2 years, does that sound a little crazy?

14.  Benjamin is talking...A LOT.  And he would "fight" with swords or lightsabers or sticks all day long if he could.

15.  Today is our last official day of school for first grade.  YAY!!  We'll still be working on some things through the summer, but it won't be as much or as structured.  There will be a reading list that looks more like the kid should be going into sixth grade than second.

I'm sure there is lots more that I can't remember now, but 15 is probably enough.  I know summer will fly by because we have so much planned, but blogging did make the list of goals for the summer.  I'm hoping to have lots more fun things to share with you all very soon.

Also, if you're waiting on a response from me on anything.  I'm not ignoring you.  We've just been crazy busy, but I'm working on getting back to everyone soon!

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